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Globeam is an Indian manufacturing company dealing in led torch since 13 years of experience in making the best Rechargeable torch

Exported in more than 6 countries. 80% of the products of our company are designed in Germany and France.

Focused Beam

Strong & Durable

Less Battery Consumption

Bright White LED

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Cell Torches

Rechargeable Torches

Handle Torch (Kisan Torch/Farmer Torch)

Metal Body Products (LED Emergency Lights)

Metal Solar Products
(Solar Emergency Lights)

About us

Globeam is an Indian manufacturing company dealing in led torch since 13 years of experience in making the best Rechargeable torch and exported in more than 6 countries.

Globeam is dealing with a wide range of verities like -: led torch, dry cell, Dry cell Torch, Lithium Battery Torch, Lead Acid battery Torch, Kisan(farmers LED Torch), Chowkidar(janitor) Torch, Rechargeable Flashlights, Solar Torch, Rechargeable Emergency Lights, etc.

Our company's main aim is to provide the best service in this field and provide 200% satisfaction from our dealers. 80% of the products of our company are designed in Germany and France. All the torches made by our company are waterproof, lightweight with strong structure and easily hand able.

The technology used by us is the latest and up to date providing the high standard products and export our products to more than 6 countries. Every single product is made in India our customers can use it, again and again, the best quality assurance with high market reach.


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Rechargeable Led Torch

Rechargeable Led Torches are also referred as flashlights which are light emitting tools. These lights can be recharged and used time and again. Being handy and light in eight, these lights are demanded for various applications. These lights are made compact in size and are also easy to carry around. The amount of light scattered by these lights is commendable and the can are waterproof. The products under the category gains popularity as these can be used under water and are durable for a long period of time. These are also believed to be the miniatures of lamps and are powered solely only batteries. The switching on and off of Rechargeable Led Torches is managed by turning on and off the crank

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Farmer Torch

Another kind of the lights that our company offers to its wide range of customers are Kissan Torches. These torches are very well organized and crafted if we talk of their design and structure. These have a handle to ease the handling of their by the customer and also the battery back these have is appreciable. The torches are made using ABS plastic and have an LED light or bulb installed inside to grant the user with required amount of bright light. The offered product covered by this specific category also emits laser lights that adds to the versatility of the product all the more. Kissan Torches are moreover cost effective, pocket friendly and safe to use at the same time.

Emergency Light

The list of Solar Products & Equipment is long and includes number of products under it. These products generate or regulate based upon directly or electrically generated solar panels. These products are used during manufacturing or while the repair works. The equipments are very reasonable in rates and are very reliable when it comes to save or conserve resources or energy. The products are cost effective and are compact and also made light in weight which makes them handy, light in weight and also first choice to be incorporated in many areas of work. Solar Products & Equipment are helpful in providing bright light by consuming very little resource of energy and gives optimum result making the entire process very pocket friendly.

Rechargeable LED Light

Globeam Radiant Pvt Ltd. is into manufacturing of rechargeable LED lights. These are emergency lights which are offered in different designs, with and without handles. The portable lights can be used in any room or even outdoors. The switching on and off of these lights is convenient. Sold under the brand Globeam, Rechargeable LED Lights illuminate any space for a longer duration after fully charged. Everyone must own a rechargeable LED light, as power cuts in India is common and what is best to illuminate the area immediately whenever there is a power outage. S-14, S-1, S-3, S4 are some of the models of rechargeable LED light.

Solar Rechargeable LED Lamp

Globeam Radiant Pvt Ltd. produces solar rechargeable LED lamps in S15, S16, S-17, S18 and many other models. Our Delhi, India based manufacturing company produces these lamps to provide people living in areas that face major power cuts an access to feasible lighting system. These lamps work on electricity from batteries. The batteries are charged through solar PV panel. People can easily carry the LED lamp when traveling. These work best in areas, like camps. Solar rechargeable LED lamps are also perfect for remote locations which do not have continuous electricity supply. These lamps not only saves money, but also are environmentally friendly.

With an aim to contribute to the movement of effective energy creation, without harming the environment, we are also offering affordable solar flashlights. These are light weight, non- polluting energy creation for both daily use and outings. We the have eliminated the need for batteries and subsequently, an attempt to generate less e-waste. Further, consumers have huge savings in batteries.

Key Features :

  • Can emit a beam at the distance of 2000 meters
  • Highly efficient 1000MAH Sunca Battery
  • 1000 lumens light output
  • Cost-effective
  • Less power consumption
  • 12+ hours runtime

Our company believes in lighting the lives of people with smart LED technology. Our Range of torches and lamps are mentioned below:

LED Torches
3G LED Torch Light
92 LED Torch Light
180 LED Torch Light
360 LED Torch Light
DURO LED Torch Light
GRAND-2 LED Torch Light
LED 3G Radium Torch
LED Wave Radium Torch
LEO LED Torch Light
Maxx LED Torch Light
PLUTO LED Torch Light
LED Rechargeable Torch
L-700 LED Rechargeable Torch
M-500 LED Rechargeable Torch
Rechargeable Led Hand Kisan
S-300 LED Rechargeable Torch
LED Cob Light
C-2 LED Cob Light
C-14 LED Cob Light
C-18 LED Cob Light
Solar LED Cob Light
C-3 Solar LED Cob Light
S-7 Solar LED Cob Light
S-9 Solar LED Cob Light
Solar LED Light
2274 Solar LED Light
S-4 Solar LED Light
SMD Led Torch
Metal Rechargeable Emergency Light
Plastic Rechargeable Emergency Light
Kishan Torches
Radium Torches
LED Torches
LED Lamps
Solar Lamps

Why to Choose Globeamindia for your Bulk Product Requirements?

100% Customer Satisfaction

97% Less chances of breakage

99% Higher Durability Products

73% less requirement of maintenance & repair

89% more chances of customer retention

100% Quality Guarantee

  • We are manufacturing for 13 years with the help of mandarins, providing the best quality lights to our customers.
  • We believe in delivering best quality and value of money to our customers.
  • We provide 80% superior performance with our products.
  • 97% of our products deliveries are on time.
  • Quality is checked at 53 checkpoints of manufacturing to ensure the highest level of perfection .
  • 0% Tolerance at checkpoints.
  • 59% higher ease of doing business.
  • Providing the best security to our dealers.
  • Direct purchase from the manufacturer.
  • The delivery of the products is always on time a very rare chance of getting late.
  • Doing business is very easy with us we will provide full assistance from the purchase of the product until the delivery of the product.

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