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Looking For LED Torch Manufacturer?

Sick of Poor Quality Chinese Torches?

Are you losing customers due to poor quality chinese products?

Are you facing timely delivery issue?

Are you losing out of margins?

Globeam is here to provide you the High Quality, Exemplary Finished, Reliable and Cost-Effective Torches, Flashlights, Rechargeable LED Torches, Kisan Torch, Rechargeable LED Lantern, LED SMD Torch, Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern, Dry Cell Torches, Kisan LED Torches, Rechargeable Emergency Lights, etc.

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Leading Manufacturer of LED Torches

Globeam is a leading manufacturer of LED Torches. We export and supply a wide range of Led Torches to more than 6 countries. Our products include LED Torch, Rechargeable Torch, Dry cell Torch , Lithium Battery Torch, Lead Acid battery Torch, Kisan LED Torch, Chowkidar Torch, Rechargeable Flashlights, Solar Torch, Rechargeable emergency Lights etc. They are highly cost-effective and the material used for manufacturing these torches is highly durable.

Aim of Globeam india is to stand for quality and reliability. We focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We work very hard on the looks of the products also, for that we got most of the our products designed in GERMANY and FRANCE .

We have a team of highly experienced professionals using the latest technology, procedures and strict quality management system, to deliver the high-quality product and services always to our customers.


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7 Major Problems that most Wholesalers & Distributors are facing in India.

  1. Low Return On Investment.
  2. Less Profit Margins.
  3. Short Supply of Fast Moving and Goods.
  4. Unable to hold long term relation with Customers (Losing Customers ).
  1. Worried due to Dumping of slow moving goods.
  2. Worried due to Space Problems.
  3. Confused about what to order and when to order.

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How to grow your business in led torch industry and get the maximum return on your money


Save your cost by up to 13% by buying direct from manufacturers.

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Products of Globeam

Globeam 3G SMD 3 Cell Torch

Globeam Kisan Solar Torch G-3058

Globeam Rechargeable Lantern GL300

Globeam Hand Torch M-503

Globeam Rechargeable Torch M-501

Globeam Farmer Torch G-3040

Globeam 360 SMD 3 Cell Torch

Globeam Rechargeable hand Torch M-503

Globeam M-506 Rechargeable LED Torch

Globeam Rechargeable LED Torch M-506

Why to Choose Globeamindia for your Bulk Product Requirements?

100% Customer Satisfaction

97% Less chances of breakage

99% Higher Durability Products

73% less requirement of maintenance & repair

89% more chances of customer retention

100% Quality Guarantee

  • We believe in delivering best quality and value of money to our customers.
  • We provide 80% superior performance with our products.
  • 97% of our products deliveries are on time.
  • We give the best out of self for achieving customer satisfaction
  • We listen to every need and view every requirement of our customers.
  • Quality is checked at 53 checkpoints of manufacturing to ensure the highest level of perfection .
  • 0% Tolerance at checkpoints.
  • 59% higher ease of doing business.

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6 Tips for choosing a quality Torch among other torches available in the market.

  1. The material used for making torch must be durable and light weight.
  2. The torch must have a good battery life and the battery used inside the torch must be rechargeable.
  3. The bulb used inside a torch must be LED bulb as LED bulb has more brightness as compared to normal bulb.
  4. The life of a LED bulb is around 100000 hours.
  5. If you are looking for a waterproof torch, then must check the O ring. The O ring is sealed which makes the torch waterproof . These type of torch can be used in diving or other water related activities.
  6. Size and weight should be considered while buying LED Torch . Torches must be lightweight and portable (as per the purpose of buying).


Increase your profit by up to 12.33% by selling make in India products.

Our Products

  • Rechargeable LED Torch
  • LED SMD Radium Torch
  • Kisan Torch
  • Solar Rechargeable LED Lamp
  • Rechargeable LED Light
  • LED SMD Torch
  • Farmer Torch
  • Globeam Torch
  • Emergency Light
  • Solar Products & Equipments
  • 3 Watt Rechargeable Torch
  • Rechargeable Kisan Torch
  • Solar Rechargeable LED Lamp
  • Battery Powered Torches
  • Solar Farmer Torch

Globeam Rechargeable LED Torch M-504

Globeam Farmer Torch G-3040

Globeam Rechargeable LED Torch M-506

Globeam Rechargeable LED Torch M-505

Globeam 180 SMD 3 Cell Torch

Globeam Rechargeable hand Torch M-507

Globeam Rechargeable Hand Torch M-509


It’s very nice to see Globeamindia working hard and being a part of MAKE IN INDIA. What I personally believe is that this company makes good quality products and soon it will be in the counting stars of India.#PROUD #MAKEINDINDIA #ACHIEVEMENTS #BRAND
Mr. Balraj Singh Founder, of FY Tech Industries. Bahadurgarh . Delhi

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